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Are you looking for custom-made jigs and spoons to take with you on your next fishing excursion? You’ve come to the right place! Wicked Customs Jigs n Spoons has everything you need to make your fishing adventures enjoyable and successful.

We are currently offering the jigs and spoons you see on this page, and we accept custom orders. Let us know what you need, and we will hand make the fishing lures using quality materials and custom color mixes and blends.

In fact, all of our jigs and spoons are made with premium rings and hooks. Jigs and spoons are then powder painted for a stronger finish, or can be custom painted to your specifications using airbrush techniques.

We hope that you appreciate quality fishing lures as much as we do. Since we make our own lures, we’re able to maintain the highest quality standards throughout the creation process. This is why each lure that you hold will not only include premium materials but also flare to life in the water.

Custom Crankbaits

  • Top water poppers to 25ft
Custom Crankbait # from Album

We are updating the original album and keeping all of the favorites while adding the newest. We hope this will help in selecting the best fish catching designs that have been tested and true. Please be patient as we add to this album daily. We should end up with over 200 for you to select from..

Wicked Customs Jigs n Spoons!

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