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About Wicked Customs Jigs n Spoons

We are home to some of the finest fishing lures, custom made just for you! Our family owned business is located in Grinnell, IA, where master craftsman David Lynch custom builds jigs and spoons using premium materials and colors. With high-quality raw materials and the right color combinations, our fishing lures effortlessly mimic natural prey in both appearance and motion under all water, lighting and weather conditions.

If you’re ready to take your love for fishing to the next level, Wicked Customs Jigs n Spoons will start that journey with you! Our craftsman, Mr. Lynch, has been fishing for over 40 years in the great waters of the United States and Canada. This hands-on experience led him to start designing his own custom jigs and spoons to great success. People always wondered why each fishing trip turned out so successful! Fishing is part skill and part luck, but a big part of both is the type of fishing lures that are used.

What sets Wicked Customs Jigs n Spoons apart from others is that all jigs and spoons are custom built and powder painted for added durability. Custom airbrush finishes are also available. To continue improving upon the lures we offer and expand our inventory, we have also added custom color mixes and blends and Super Glow colors to the mix. Our jigs and spoons are ideal for catching walleye, bass, steelhead and other game fish.

We are also excited to announce that we are sponsoring NAPRA Pro Wading Fishing League (National Association of Professional River Anglers). Look for us to be supporting the 2016 Operation Soothing Waters charity wade! We hope to see you there! 

Whether you’re headed out for a great Alaskan fishing trip or plan on casting a line off the dock right at home, let Wicked Customs Jigs n Spoons be the ones to give your fish something to bite on.


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